Designing and Improving Your Home When You Have Children

We had a lot of questions from our previous post about home designing with children, so children pose a real challenge to those who are homeowners and are looking to renovate. Of course, there is a significant cost associated with having children that will eat into any budget for home renovations. Couple that with finding durable furniture and appliances that your children won’t damage or get hurt on and you will begin to understand the significant challenges associated with home renovations while you have children. Here are some keys to renovating your home when you have children.

Hire Professional Contractors

When you have children you begin to realize that time is more valuable and precious than money. For any major repairs or renovations, it is best to use a home renovator or contractor to do the work. When you do so, you avoid being distracted and stretching out a small project for a long period of time or a large project in definitely. It is often better to spend a little bit of money and have a professional do the work well. That way, you can ensure that the work is done properly and your home renovation is completed in a timely fashion.

Avoid the Clutter and Use Open Space Concepts

The open For a concept in home renovations is a move towards open spaces and a lack of confined rooms. An example of this is with an open kitchen that flows into a dining room. When you have children, and open floor concept in your home allows you to observe your children easier and to protect them from doing damage to themselves and to your property. In addition, it provides your children with ability to run around the home and tire themselves out by burning off their excess energy.

Avoid High End Renovations or Wall them Off

While your children are young you may need to delay the high end renovations that adults thrive with. It is probably not a great time to install that bar or wine room. However, if you do choose to do so, keep the space segregated from other rooms that are accessible to your children. Keeping your children out of these adult areas keep your space special and reserved for yourself. It is probably a good idea to avoid the white furniture though, whatever it’s aesthetic beauty.

Have Designated Play Areas

If you can, have designated rooms for play and rooms for your interests, and don’t let your children break those barriers. By doing so you can provide them with spaces where they can let lose and prevent from damaging your more expensive and luxurious furniture and equipment. Designated play areas should have versatile spots that can be used for a variety of uses such as a desk, plenty of places for storage, and some special toys that they connect with.

While you may want to delay some home renovations you should remember that your children will live with you a long time and there is no time like the present to improve on your home and it’s value. Be wise with the renovations though to maximize their impact.