Our top choices for a pre-summer decor

Decorating your home can be challenging, but it can also be fun too if you have the right knowledge and tools to get started. Some things to consider when you decorate your home is what style you would like it to be and how you want to furnish your style. Listed below are 3 home decor and design ideas and examples to help you get started!

Contemporary Style

If your one of those people who love a nice classy look without it being too modern or too flashy, contemporary design is probably a great option for you. When designing your home to match a contemporary style, you want to stick with mostly solid colors with a few pops of designs or bright colors. You typically want to stick with a natural color scheme,such as reds, browns, whites and pale blues but then add maybe one or two decor pieces that stand out and are more colorful or have a stronger design than the rest.

Modern Design

For the people who enjoy a sleek updated look, a modern design just might be the best option for you. When decorating with a modern look, you want to make sure you are using straight edges and a lot of black and white colors. Modern also tends to be more marbles, tiles and other forms of hard flooring with a sheek look. Another thing to remember when decorating with a modern design is to use glossy colors with sharp edges and clean lines. Modern is a style that should make you feel elegant and classy but not necessarily homey.

Boho Chic Design

A boho chic design is a little less common than your average modern or contemporary designs but still great none the less! A Boho chic design will embody a light, whimsical feel while also using a lot of different colors and designs. Some ways you can dress up a boho chic design is to use bright colored rugs and decor items to liven up a room, you can also use lamps, figurines and other decorations to bring a boho chic room to life. If your a whimsical, and funky type of person, boho chic is definitely a great design style for you.