Why choosing the right cushion is important

There are lots of things that can give you comfort. For some, it may be food, or chocolates, or watching their favorite shows on television. Some find comfort in going to the salon or walking in the park. But most of the people on their 30’s or older, may see that the comfort is at their own home.

When other people are also visiting your home, they will instantly look for the spot where they will find comfort. And most people will see for sofa beds, bean bags, and pillows. And what do we look for when we look at these? We are checking into our house’s cushions.

What is Cushion?

A cushion is a bag which is soft and furry with some ornamental material, packed with either hair, feathers, fiber, hair, non-woven material, or paper torn into little sizes. Cushions functions for sitting or kneeling or softening the hardness and provide comfort with a chair or couch. Decorative cushions have a cover material with pattern and can be a decoration for or with furniture. Cushions are also considered as hassock, bolster, headrest and a sham. Some even call it to refer to throw pillows.

The cushions and rugs are also used outside to soften a hard surface. It can be placed on chairs and utilized to prevent irritations from moist grass and insects.


The cushion started as part of palaces and grand houses in the early Middle Ages. It comes in a great size and covered with leather, and is firm enough to seat upon. Nowadays, the cushion is an upholstery item.

What is inside the cushion?

There are three great cushion interiors. First is foam. The foam is the most popular filling for upholstery. It is flexible, comfortable and resilient which makes it easy to manipulate and can be shaped to meet the most complex designs. The most affordable and common filling is called polyurethane foam. Foam can be wrapped in softer material to make it smoother.

Another filling is feather and fiber. Modern pieces of furniture contain with feather or fiber. Using feather and fiber are often produced in sections to prevent the mixture from moving inside the cushion.

Other fillings are in the cushion. It can be from specially shaped foam or the mixture of foam and feather.

Forms of Cushion

There are many forms of cushions. One of which is the Christian kneeling pew. One famous company that does kneeling pews is Cokesbury.

Another type of cushion is floor cushion. It is designed to allow people to eat at a low table, just like the Japanese. These are made of sturdy fabrics with covers of chenille or woven design so that they will hold their form and to provide comfort from the floor.

Bolsters are another form of cushions. Based on their name, these are functional, round pillows that shape like a log. It usually supports the leg when sleeping in one side, or the back of the neck and even functions as baby crib bumpers.

There are also the bench and chair cushions. Bench cushions are made to cover plain wooden bench and provide comfort to one’s back. The chair cushions, on the other hand, are used for chairs and can be noticed during dinner events and weddings. The chair cushion has ties that you attach on the chair’s back leg.

There are other types of cushions like window seat cushions, rocking chair cushions, and chaise cushions.

Hello, Papasan

One of the trending cushion types in the market nowadays is papasan cushion. The Papasan cushions cover the Papasan chair, and the polyester cushion is from micro suede fabric.

Papasan chair is indeed a symbol of the 1970s. You can see it in television shows, catalogs, almost everywhere. And as fashion is trending, the Papasan chairs are now coming back to life since it suits the taste of postmodernism and retro designs.

So what is Papasan chair and cushion? It is also known as bucket chair, moon chair, bowl chair, and high bowl chair, it is known as a Filipino furniture that consists of rattan frame and a stylish, round cushion on top. It is known as the bean bag of the 70s.

You can see lots of sites selling Papasan chairs both online and physical stores. The designs from style to color, to embroidery. And as of now, the Papasan cushions are known to be the most comfortable cushions that you can sink in. Everyone can relax with own Papasan chairs.