Why having Stars in your Home Decor is a Good Idea

Decorating your Home with Stars was never popular in the United States, it got trendy in the past couple of weeks, but why?

Well stars represent freedom, which is why there are over 50 stars on the US flag. After WW2, the United States was a country where people had the freedom and right to own land and property, unlike in the Soviet Union.

Americans felt free when they see the stars and some even started placing them in their house. Having a US Flag and a Star as a Decor meant that you are Free & American.

The cold war ended and so did the hype of freedom died in the US. Many Americans still have flags on their front porch, but many forgot what it meant to have your own property. Not long ago the trend of having stars in your home came back. Now there are many ways you can decorate your house with stars.

There are stars that glow in the dark that can fit in your kids living room and there are big stars that can fit anywhere.