Pros of Being a Web Developer

A few decades ago, if you asked a kid what he/she wanted to become they would say; they would like to become a scientist, engineer, doctors, astronaut and some would even say President. But if you ask this question today, children will say that they want to become a; vlogger, writer, YouTuber or a web developer. Because kids know that these things will get them fame and a lot of money as well. And the fact is that, kids now, know everything. A 2-year old child knows how to open a phone pattern and how to scroll those photos in gallery, by the age this kid is 4, he/she will know how to play a game on the phone. Which is a good thing because, children are becoming fast learners but these can give bad side effects to their brain like; weak eye side and they become addictive towards mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

But they can become the future web developers as well because of their fast learning capabilities because it has many advantages. First is, that you get to ask for as much salary as you want, if you are one heck of a developer. If you are a creative person then web development is the field for you because building unique websites are a thing now. But if you are not very creative and you want to become a website developer, you can become creative by practicing again and again. The best part of being a web developer is that you can work from anywhere. Did you know that employees of Google have almost a home inside the Google’s main office? This is done just for the developers to feel just like home, their families can visit them and they have anything in the world that they want.

It was estimated by different working platform that a beginner website developer makes almost 40,000 AED per year and the pro web developer can make 100,000 AED per year. This is why people are going more towards building websites. The most beneficial advantage is that there is continuous betterment in development which means you get to learn new things each day. You can learn this skill from web development companies in Abu Dhabi and you can also learn about top SEO company services.