Different types of milk available in the market

Milk is a very important ingredient in our daily life. But we have to admit that there is sudden rise of different types of milks in the market and internet full of its different uses. With so much available out there, it becomes hard to choose one for coffee let alone for our daily domestic use. Just like organic food in Dubai people want to aim for healthier choices and milk is one of them. So let’s take a look at all the types of milks available in market:

  • Almond Milk

Almond milk in Dubai is a great way to start on healthier choices as it is not only rich in nutrients such as potassium iron and magnesium but it is also good in vitamins such as Vitamin A and B. The best part is that, with all these beneficial ingredients, it does not ignore the main ingredient which is calcium that is widely found in cow milk but the same amount of calcium – sometimes even more – is found in almond milk.

  • Cow’s milk

Cow milk is the regular one which people had been using in their daily diet but recently its demand has decreased because more and more people are turning out to be lactose intolerant which makes it hard for them to digest the milk and this is why they opt for dairy alternatives such as almond milk and other types. This is one of the reasons that we see sudden increase in other types of milks.

  • Soy milk

This is another alternative which people are aiming for but it is not very healthy considering the fact that many consumers are hesitant or scared to try it because of soy (the main ingredient) causing estrogen like activities in the body. But soy milk is also the first dairy free milk which people can use in their life.

  • Cashew milk

Just like almond milk, cashew milk is also very beneficial for health as it is low in calorie and fat. It also contains high amount of vitamin A, E and D. The reason that it is considered more than cow milk is that it is the same in calories but absolutely zero in saturated fat. And again the main ingredient calcium is found 50% more in cashew milk than cow milk.