Kinds of vehicle insurance

You must have heard about vehicle insurance you might have an understanding about it. There is a possibility that you don’t know the kinds of vehicle insurances. This article is basically written to explain the kinds of vehicle insurances. You should the kinds of vehicle insurance because if you want to buy an insurance, you should know which to buy.

The kinds of vehicle insurance are below.

  • Responsibility insurance

In some countries, this kind of insurance is required and is considered as a lawful requirement if you want to drive the car. Responsibility insurance will help you to make up for the destruction for accidents and destruction to property of other people.

  • Comprehensive insurance

This kind of insurance will give additional amount of coverage in the happenings of an accident which includes other vehicles as well. Having comprehensive insurance will support you in compensating for the destruction to your car caused by the occurrences apart from crashes but including destruction caused by weather or animals.

  • Crash insurance

As you can understand from the name, this kind of insurance is applicable when your car crashed with other car and there is damage. So, having this kind of insurance will keep you safe as your car will get the repairing. In some cases, the other car could also get the repairing.

  • Gap insurance

The value of the car may reduce fast and sometimes car insurance would not be sufficient to give the charges of a lease. Gap insurance on the other hand will give the costs payable on a car lease in the wake of theft or loss.

  • Towing insurance

This kind of insurance is valid and applicable if you own comprehensive insurance already. This kind of insurance would compensate for the costs that are needed for the repairing of your car.

These were some common yet important kinds of vehicle insurance. We tried our best to keep things simple. Still, if you have any query, feel free to contact us anytime.

There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of car insurance UAE. These are not mentioned in this article. But, if ever you want to have an insurance for your car, kindly know the advantages and disadvantages. This would be helpful for you in deciding whether to take the insurance or not.