Things to know about Greece’ Golden visa

When you decide to move from your country to another country you need to apply for visa.  There are many countries where you can move for education, career, and immigration or for many multiple purposes. There are some countries where you may enjoy many benefits and can enjoy the beauty of nature. Dominica is a place where you may have dual citizenship because this country is more flexible for dual citizenship. You may even apply for Dominica second passport. But in this article we are going to talk about opportunities and importance of getting Golden Visa in Greece. There is lots of opportunities for foreign investors that you may enjoy in Greece.

Opportunities for foreign investors in Greece:

International investors are taking keen interest to get Golden visa of Greece. Greece Government offers many benefits to investors. This country is also becoming global tourism destination, it also provide multiple education facilities to foreign students. These facilities make a Greece most valuable country in the world. The main economy pillar of this country is real estate that offers wonderful investment opportunities to foreign investors. Property around and near to coastal regions is usually rented out on short term period to tourist, these properties earn so much profit in peak season from June to September. So tourism contributes a lot in Greece’s GDP. 

What is Greece Golden visa?

This visa policy allows investor to secure their Greek residency from any Non Europe Union country, it also gives them freedom of movement in Schengen zone, and it includes almost 26 countries of European Union. This is actually investors’ visa and it can be renewed as long as investor holds the investment in the country. There is no other requirement to stay in Greece. This visa scheme has seen so many rises in 2018 from Non European Union investors.

Here we are going to let you know the Eligibility and requirements of Golden Greece visa:

  • Every Non European citizen can apply for Greece Golden visa.
  • Investors have to spend 400,000 Euro in real estate investment as share, bonds or deposits in country’s bank.
  • Anyone who will invest 250,000 in real estate may get benefit from this golden visa scheme.
  • Foreign investors and nationals can obtain Greek government bonds.
  • Buying property is one of the most common ways to get Greece golden visa.