Types of Cakes

We only knew only one kind of cake and that is the amazingly tasteful cake. But today, we found out there are many kinds of cakes. This is also good news because when it comes to cakes, the more, the merrier. If you are thinking that we are talking about customized cakes online! Then, no, there are actually types of cakes and even classification of cakes that we got to know by companies who give graduation cake delivery in Sharjah.

In this lockdown, a lot of people have become chefs, people who used to eat regularly from outside, they got their hidden chef out and things regarding our health have been better. If you are going to become a baker then this post is helpful for you because here, we will be telling you about the types of cakes.

  1. Yellow Butter Cake: even the sound of this cake gets your mouth to water. This is a multi-layered cake which has a chocolate frosting on the top and the sponge is basically made up of sugar and butter. The whole issue with this cake is that you have to mix the ingredients a lot and there is a lot of calorie in it.
  2. Pound Cake: you must have heard of this cake’s name a lot and have you ever wondered that why it is called a pound cake? well, that is because it has a pound of everything in it; a pound of flour, butter and sugar. It is a very dense or you can say a thick cake and it does not rise much.
  3. Red Velvet Cakes: those who have spent a wondrous Valentine’s Day, they know what wonders a red velvet cake does. But we feel obliged to tell you that there is nothing special in a red velvet cake other than color. All the ingredients are same, the bakers just add a lot of red color.
  4. Carrot Cake: the vegans should become happy but this cake has all the ingredients that come from animal. So, no, we were just pulling your leg, this is not a vegan cake It is a very soft cake that goes best with tea or coffee and its main ingredient is butter.
  5. Sponge Cake: it is a kind of cake that feels like a foam but it is very much common and it is very easy to make and less ingredients are required which means it is cheap to make as well.