Requirements and Benefits of Malta Citizenship

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Malta is the 17th safest country in world. It is a country known for its historical sites which are related to oldest successors and rulers of Romans, French, Moors, Knights and Saints of British. It has the oldest recorded temples and fortress and they go back to date as old as 4000 B.C. If you want to go to a country which has such a unique history, then Malta is the place for you. This country is listed as the top ten most visited country. You can get second passport of by getting their nationality. You can get immigration here but that is a long process, if you want things to get fast, you can get investor visa of Malta. 

You can get investor visa if you apply for real estate investment category and buy property of 350,000 euros to 16,000 euros of worth. Even the investment for getting Malta investor visa can cost only 650,000 euros for the main applicant. For wife or wives, the applicant has to pay another 25,000 euros and for each minor dependent. And for parents or grandparents the applicant has to pay 50,000 euros and the parents has to be at least 55 years of age. To become the favorite of the Malta government, you can get the deposit bond investor visa for 150,000 euros. 

All applicants must have a clean criminal record and the embassy will take a full background check of the people. If you get their citizenship you will open to 100 countries which will be visa free including United Kingdom and Schengen countries. The tax system of Malta is amazing, non-resident people pay concession amount of tax and they refund incentives to those who pay taxes. Malta also opens different gateways of education to people who already have their citizenship and people who take their citizenship. People from all over the world visit Malta to get medical care and they have state of art doctors as well. Unlike different countries who offer limited time of citizenship, government of Malta gives you lifetime citizenship. 

Malta passport program is the easiest way of getting citizenship. And with this citizenship you will also be able to apply for Grenada citizenship. In this way you can have more than two nationality or what you can say the multiple nationality.