Tips for Tourists in Dubai

Tips for Tourists in Dubai

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Dubai is an Islamic country, in spite of the fact that Dubai is the city in the whole Emirates where all kinds of cultures are found. This city, in fact, is the most liberal of all the states of UAE. But even if there are no fun ending road in Dubai, considering it is an Islamic state, there are some tips you should practice and some rules you should remember before planning your visit to Dubai.

Just like any other city in any country, and no matter how much diversity is there in Dubai; tourists are allowed to drink alcohol on the streets. Also, remember that if you plan your visit on a public holiday, you will most likely to stay dry that day because there is no serving of alcohol that day. So, plan your days wisely.

UAE or any gulf country for that matter have a very hot temperature even in the winter. Well, there are no winters, only chilly nights in the winter season. And if you are not used to such harsh weather and you wish to wear clothes like short skirts or open tops, not that they are prohibited but confine these clothes to the beaches or resorts.

Dubai is an Islamic Emirate and hence follows the Sharia Law. So, if you and your partner plan your trip to Dubai, you will have a hard time in finding an apartment to yourself, because unmarried couples, living together are not allowed in Islam. You will be either left with hotels or a broker but depending on someone’s word is not a good idea. This means public kissing or hugging is also not allowed anywhere. So, hold on to your sentiments in public.

You might love to drive and there are different parts of the world where you can just show your driving license and take a ride of your own. But this doesn’t work like this in UAE or Dubai for that matter. Unless you have an American driving license, only that is valid for driving a lightweight vehicle in Dubai. Tourists on visit visas are strictly prohibited for driving. Of course, you can ride a desert bike but only in the desert, also under the supervision of a tourism company which takes you to desert safaris. If you have gotten yourself in an accident while on tourist visa then be prepared for heavy fines and to get a ban of 1 year straight. Moreover, if they’re a major injury to the victim you can face some jail time as well.